• Touchless Hand Disinfection Machine


  • Hand disinfection device dimensions: Width 25 cm Length 21 cm Height 38 cm.
  • The device is made of stainless steel material.
  • Hand disinfection device has sensor.
  • The sensor is adjusted to detect the user's hand at a distance of 10 cm.
  • After the sensor detects the user's hand, the device disinfects for 0.15 seconds and stops.
  • The device drains 3-4 ml of hand disinfectant into the user's hands in one use.
  • The device has a tank to fit the universal 5 liter disinfectant canister.
  • The device has 1250-1666 usable consumption with the disinfectant product in 1 full 5 lt disinfectant canister placed in the device tank.
  • The upper chamber cover of the device is locked, can be opened and closed and is hinged.
  • The tank section of the device is reached by opening the top cover.
  • There is a disinfectant suction hose with 10 mm diameter in the tank.
  • The device draws disinfectant from the suction hose, which must be inserted through the top cover of the disinfectant canister placed in its tank, and drains it through the 10 mm diameter nozzle underneath.
  • There are 2 hanging holes on the back of the device for hanging on the wall.
  • Hand disinfection device works with 12V DC adapter.

Touchless Hand Disinfection Machine

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