• Disinfection Tunnel


Thermal tourniquet works with infrared thermometer or thermal camera. Barrier of tourniquet is normally opened and if the infrared thermometer or thermal camera detects high temperature, it does not allow transition. Tourniquet is mounted to disinfection tunnel.

Technical Details of Tourniquet
180 degrees rotation of barrier
Stainless steel body
Side barrier is equipped with stainless steel and plexiglass
High temperature alarm system
İnfrared thermometer (located in front of the tourniquet and measures the body temperature from the wrist)

Technical Details of Disinfection Tunnel
Aluminum profile body
12 point of disinfection
Works with sensor
Polycarbonate covering
100Lt Tank capacity
Foot disinfecting doormat

Tunnel Dimensions
Height 220 cm
Transition Height 215 cm
Width 110 cm
Transition Width 100 cm
Transition Length 200 cm

2. Options

2.1 Access Control with Body Thermometer Option

Body temperature measurement from the wrist and allow passage if the person is within the appropriate body temperature range.
The temperature can be quickly measured within a range of 1-10 cm, with an accuracy of ±0.3.

2.2 Face Mask Recognition and Thermal Temperature Measurement System and Access Control Option

    This product combines face recognition with infrared thermography to realize close range, contactless face recognition, and temperature detection. Contactless testing is able to greatly reduce the probability of contact infections and detect temperature anomalies in advance. Facial Recognition Thermometer adopts multiple AI technology include contactless temperature measurement + mask detection + face recognition.

    Contactless Temperature Measurement 

    The temperature can be quickly measured within a range of 0.5-0.7m, with an accuracy of ±0.3.

    Accurate Temperature Measurement Based on the accurate thermal imaging temperature measurement,  facial recognition thermometer can detect the forehead temperature  and quickly identify the information of the person with a mask.

    • Low power consumption (down to 4W);
    • Support for multiple types of shells, custom appearance
    • High-precision face recognition algorithm;
    • Embedded algorithm, millisecond comparison;
    • Accurate monocular live detection, safe and efficient;
    • The accuracy rate of N library is less than 50,000, reaching 99.8%;
    • Multi-scene image exposure and correction algorithm;
    • Support temperature measurement, display, high temperature warning
    • Support temperature interface protocol;
    • Support mask reminder.

    Applicable scene

    Suitable for parks, communities, communities, campuses, etc.

    Technical Parameters
    Operating system Embedded Linux
    RAM DDR3 8GB
    Storage Built-in 8GB as standard, 128GB can be expanded by TF card
    Display 7 "HD IPS display
    Monocular camera 200W pixels, 120-degree wide-angle lens, support wide dynamic, white light night vision
    Door opening method Support face recognition
    Opening hours <0.3 seconds (30,000 bases)
    Face recognition rate 99.8%
    Minimum pixel Face recognition supports minimum face pupil distance of 20 pixels
    Face library capacity Support up to 50,000
    Black/White list function Support
    General parameters
    Network 1 RJ45 100M Ethernet port
    Communication mode Support TCP / IP wired communication
    Power supply DC 9~18V/3A,4W
    Work temperature 35ºC~75ºC
    Installation characteristics Installation and use of supporting gates / speed doors
    Custom services Appearance can be customized, customization is chargeable
    Temperature measurement module parameters
    Temperature measurement distance <1.5m
    Best distance 0.5-1.5m
    Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3
    Temperature measurement range -40, +85ºC

    2.3 Ozone Generator

    Working principle diagram

    The Ozone generator from DENGE Medical Equipment , effectively neutralizes smells in rooms which may have been exposed to strong odors. The ozone generator can also be used to remove harmful mold spores from the air, thus relieving possible allergies and in doing so promoting health. Also volatile smells, which may have been caused from flooding or fires can be combated with the Ozonizer 10G from DENGE Medical Equipment.

    The Ozone generator is made of high-quality powder-coated steel and contains a UV lamp therefore is also suitable for professional use.  The ozone generator has an ozone force of 10,000 mg per hour therefore is able to remove viruses, bacterias and bad odors quickly and effectively. Thanks to the integrated UV lamp, the AIRCLEAN 10G operates uniformly and always produces the same amount of ozone. The fan (170 m³ per hour) distributes the ozone quickly and evenly throughout the room. The Ozone generator is equipped with a handy remote control. In addition, it has a timer function as well as various programs which ensure a high level of comfort during use. 

    The DENGE Medical Equipment ozone generator has three different modes. During the "ON" mode, the display lights up and the fan begins to run. In the "On + Ozone" mode, the ozone plates which release the ozone function works in addition to the display and fan. In standby mode, all functions of the device pause. These three different programs are already stored as presets. Each of these programs has different operating and break times. (P1: 10 min. Operation and 20 min. Pause, P2: 20. Min. Operation and 20 min. Pause, P3: 40 min. Operation and 20min.break). These programs can be easily reprogrammed or adjusted to that of your individual needs. Four rubber feet ensure the ozone generator is safe and non-slip upon all surfaces.

    Technichal features
    Dimensions 130 x 190 x 270 mm
    Display 3 Digit 7 Segments
    Functions Instant contact and delay with supply ON or Blinker; optional
    Scale 99.9 seconds, 999 seconds, 99.9 minutes or 999 minutes (optional)
    Sensibility 0.1 sec. / 1 sec. / 0.1 min. / 1 min.
    Accuracy ± % 1,5(Full scale)
    Supply voltage 100..240VAC, 50-60Hz
    Power consumption < 500 watt
    Relative humidity up to 30oC %80, then linearly decreasing at 50oC %50 (non-condensing)
    Operating altitude < 2000 m
    EMC EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3 (Hafif sanayi ortamı)
    Safety EN 61010-1; Pollution degree 1, measuring class I
    (Light industrial environment, double / reinforced insulated, non conductive pollution))
    Protection Class IP20; according to EN 60529
    Operating temperature 0 - 50 C
    Storage Temperature -10oC .. 60oC (without frosting)
    Weight < 3 kg
    Push Button Micro switch

    2.4 Hand Disinfection Device

    This device can be applied to the inlet and outlet of the disinfection tunnel.

    Technichal features 

    • Hand disinfection device dimensions: Width 25 cm Length 21 cm Height 38 cm. 
    • The device is made of stainless steel material. 
    • Hand disinfection device has sensor. 
    • The sensor is adjusted to detect the user's hand at a distance of 10 cm. 
    • After the sensor detects the user's hand, the device disinfects for 0.15 seconds and stops. 
    • The device drains 3-4 ml of hand disinfectant into the user's hands in one use. 
    • The device has a tank to fit the universal 5 liter disinfectant canister. 
    • The device has 1250-1666 usable consumption with the disinfectant product in 1 full 5 lt disinfectant canister placed in the device tank. 
    • The upper chamber cover of the device is locked, can be opened and closed and is hinged. 
    • The tank section of the device is reached by opening the top cover. 
    • There is a disinfectant suction hose with 10 mm diameter in the tank. 
    • The device draws disinfectant from the suction hose, which must be inserted through the top cover of the disinfectant canister placed in its tank, and drains it through the 10 mm diameter nozzle underneath. 
    • There are 2 hanging holes on the back of the device for hanging on the wall. 
    • Hand disinfection device works with 12V DC adapter. 

    Disinfection Tunnel

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