Ozone Generator - 10000 MG / H - 115 Watt

The Ozone generator from DENGE Medical Equipment , effectively neutralizes smells in rooms which may have been exposed to strong odors. 

The ozone generator can also be used to remove harmful mold spores from the air, thus relieving possible allergies and in doing so promoting health. 

Also volatile smells, which may have been caused from flooding or fires can be combated with the Ozonizer AIRCLEAN 10G from DENGE Medical Equipment.

The Ozone generator is made of high-quality powder-coated steel and contains a UV lamp therefore is also suitable for professional use. 

Ozone appliances are used for air conditioning, especially in car repair shops, hotels, waste and sanitary facilities, but also for cigarette or animal odors in vehicles or boats.

The ozone generator has an ozone force of 10,000 mg per hour therefore is able to remove bad odors quickly and effectively. 

Thanks to the integrated UV lamp, the AIRCLEAN 10G operates uniformly and always produces the same amount of ozone. 

The fan (170 m³ per hour) distributes the ozone quickly and evenly throughout the room.

The Ozone generator is equipped with a handy remote control. 

In addition, it has a timer function as well as various programs which ensure a high level of comfort during use.

The DENGE Medical Equipment ozone generator has three different modes. 

During the "ON" mode, the display lights up and the fan begins to run. 

In the "On + Ozone" mode, the ozone plates which release the ozone function works in addition to the display and fan. 

In standby mode, all functions of the device pause. 

These three different programs are already stored as presets. 

Each of these programs has different operating and break times. 

(P1: 10 min. Operation and 20 min. Pause, P2: 20. Min. Operation and 20 min. Pause, P3: 40 min. Operation and 20min.break). 

These programs can be easily reprogrammed or adjusted to that of your individual needs.

Four rubber feet ensure the ozone generator is safe and non-slip upon all surfaces. 

The 2.3 m long cable including EU plug ensures that the device can be positioned flexibly in the room. 

For the immediate operation you need only to plug the device into a socket. 

The AIRCLEAN 10G will make bad odors a thing of the past. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to be impressed by the cleaning power of the Ozone generator from DENGE Medical Equipment! Safety information: Ozone is toxic in higher concentrations and can be harmful to health, which is why precautions must be taken to prevent uncontrolled release of ozone and the appliance should only be operated by a specialist. 

For the most effective use it is also recommended to replace the ceramic plates of the ozone generator every 6 months.

How do I safely use ozone? 

Ozone may only be used in closed rooms in which there are no people or pets. 

No one should enter a room until 2 h after an ozone treatment. 

The room should also be aired for at least 30 min after the treatment. 

Never breathe ozone directly from the device. 

Only produce the amount of ozone corresponding to the room size. 

Make sure there are no flammable gases or explosive materials near the ozone generator. 

This device also uses UV light, to which people, pets and plants must not be directly exposed. 

UV radiation can cause burns to the skin or eyes; protect yourself and your surroundings from direct UV radiation. 

Please read the instruction manual carefully before working with ozone and observe all safety instructions.

Technichal Features
Dimensions 130 x 190 x 270 mm
Display 3 Digit 7 Segments
Functions Instant contact and delay with supply ON or Blinker; optional
Scale 99.9 seconds, 999 seconds, 99.9 minutes or 999 minutes (optional)
Sensibility 0.1 sec. / 1 sec. / 0.1 min. / 1 min.
Accuracy ± % 1,5(Full scale)
Supply Voltage 100..240VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption < 500 watt
Relative Humidity up to 30oC %80, then linearly decreasing at 50oC %50 (non-condensing)
Operating Altitude < 2000 m
EMC EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3
Safety EN 61010-1; Pollution degree 1, measuring class I
Light industrial environment, double / reinforced insulated, non conductive pollution
Protection Class IP20; according to EN 60529
Operating Temperature 0 .. 50 oC
Storage Temperature -10oC .. 60oC (without frosting)
Weight < 3 kg
Push Button Micro switch

Ozone Generator

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